Weeknotes #9

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It’s the end of a another productive week, and scarily, already week 9 of these notes! Time is flying by.

Much of the bank holiday weekend was spent working on the JS pedalboard, which was hardly a chore. It was a really fun side project, and I’m looking forward to refining it over the coming weeks. Reception was really positive, maybe it… struck a chord. 😅

Tuesday saw a trip to the big smoke, aka. London town. It was nice to take the old train back up there, but there were certainly no rose-tinted specs. Seaside life is far nicer! We had a client meeting with some presentation, and some project scoping. It’s going to be in Nuxt, a framework I have lots of time for, so that’ll be very exciting!

Talking of London, Daisie launched! 🎉

Congratulations to the wonderful team, particularly the engineers - they did a stirling job under a huge amount of pressure. Seeing the old masonry layout fire up brought it all back - I’m particularly proud of our lil’ frontend team! ❤️ It’s gonna be fascinating to see how people begin to use the platform and where Daisie goes next.

Talking of going next, it was Danielle’s last day at Clearleft this week. Although our time working together was fleeting, she taught me loads and made me feel very welcome here. The changes she brought about the frontend team were huge, and I’m so grateful for the awesome work she put in to get this team into the position that it is.

Project-wise, it’s been a very solid week. It’s my first official full (minus the bank holiday) week on the Vue.js project and we’ve made great headway into the backlog. There’s not been any standout components or huge technical mountains to overcome, but productive and fulfilling nonetheless.

I spent one evening working on a Service Worker challenge set by Jeremy. The goal: distinguish between network and cached responses on the client-side. The solution: stream the cached response and man-in-the-middle the <html> tag to include a data-cached attribute. It works really well, and with Nicolas’s great suggestion, it could be a reasonable solution to the problem! You can read about it here.

I went for my first solo run on Monday morning. It went better than expected. Only 3.5k, mind - but I’m really happy with how I did (ie. not dieing). Plus I got two games of squash in! This would’ve been unheard of 6 months ago.

Songs of the week

I’ve been listening to a load of Bethel this week, this album is pretty great.

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