Weeknotes #7

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Growing and learning.

It’s the end of my fourth week at Clearleft, and it’s been a challenging one.

As mentioned before, my Journalbook entries form the backbone of my weeknotes. Here’s the first line from each day:

  • Mon: Dull and quiet day
  • Tue: Great to be back at work
  • Wed: Tough day, scope creep has reached a new high
  • Thu: Baaaaaad start to the day, I feel terrible
  • Fri: Growing and learning. Today was a write-off

I won’t dwell on too many details; there’s little point digging up the past, but it’s fair to say it’s been a struggle. Some online interactions have been less than savoury, and I’ve spent more time battling MySQL than I’m proud to admit. But there’s still been some highlights:

Making Coffee

Barista training at Small Batch was amazing. Our tutor was great, thoroughly explaining the science & art of coffee, and giving us encouraging support as we made some lousy, and then not so lousy coffee! Alex, Jason and I all had such a wonderful time, and I couldn’t quite believe I got to do it on company time. Still pinching myself!

Jason pouring his art

Outdoor meetings

Simon and I had our monthly mentoring session out on Ashdown forest in his campervan. We didn’t really have an agenda, spending the journey over and first cup of tea chatting about Clearleft, and the second about his fledgling stand-up comedy career! I’ve learned so much from him these past 6 years, and am so grateful.

Simon's VW campervan

Twitter happenings

Getting tweeted by CSS Tricks was pretty mega. Cassie lent round the desk when she spotted it, and then watched my face go bright red! It’s not really something I’ve experienced before, and it’s not been without issue, but it’s cool that a silly CSS article can be helpful to others. I’ve also used the trick twice since writing it!


This is rapidly becoming a weekly highlight. It sounds absurd, but it’s a real privilege to spent 90 minutes working on my website with no heavy agenda. I added a side projects section to the home page, and posted some photos from the Small Batch trip.

Songs of the week

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