Weeknotes #6

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It’s been yet another frantic but enjoyable week. Following on from the Sergey launch last Friday, I spent a lot of my weekend writing documentation, blog posts and, most surprisingly, a talk about the side project!

I wrote up my thoughts on the talk separately, but in summary, it was a great experience and one that I enjoyed and learned lots from.

The pronunciation of ‘Sergey’ has been questioned quite regularly, and I’m now realising I should’ve picked a better name/spelling! Hey ho! I also made a start on markdown imports, and got a prototype together, hopefully they’ll make an appearance some time next week.

Project work has ramped up a bit this week, with a whole chunk of time dedicated to updates to an existing clients’ website. I’m getting on well with CraftCMS, and making good progress through the amendments as they become unblocked by design sign-off. I got to do a tiny bit of Vue too, helping out with some v-model weirdness!

On Wednesday evening, the Sussex web developers Slack channel group met for a meal in Lewes. It’s always an encouraging, enlightening and empathetic time as we share our stories from the past couple of months. We’ve built quite a bond over the past few years, and share honestly about how we’re doing personally and professionally.

Thursday night means Homebrew website club! We had six in attendance this week, which was wonderful! I wrote a blog post on a CSS hover trick I used this week. Then I spent some time adding a cache to an API proxy. It was for an exciting project Cassie/Clearleft are launching on Monday 🎉 but Jeremy did a much better job of it, so we’re using his code!

I finished by adding my new photo to the home page of my site. I’d hoped it was going to be a quick swap out, but as ever, there were ✨ implications ✨ My old photo was looking to the left (inwards), but the new one is looking away. It looked odd, so I swapped the alignment on wider viewports.

I also had the pleasure of sharing some lovely meals with my siblings last weekend, and consumed more Alan Partridge and Line of Duty than is healthy. Still, I’m up to date now! I’ve also been heavily consuming more Elis James & John Robins after a short hiatus, it’s a bit embarrassing to be chuckling and grinning so much as I walk through Brighton, but I love it!

Three nights out on the trot, plus the talk stress has rendered me very weary. I foolishly agreed up to play squash this morning (a bank holiday too!) so I’m now really looking forward to crashing out this long weekend.

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I haven’t really taken any photos of note this week, so here’s a few more from #77mm

77th members meeting 77th members meeting 77th members meeting 77th members meeting

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