Weeknotes #21

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4.5 years between weeknotes? Whoops! I won’t recap the gap, fear not.

I turned 31 on Friday, so the weekend was spent celebrating with family. The birthday itself was pretty nondescript; I was recovering from a flu-ey virus thing that sent my temperature through the roof, so a quiet weekend of leisurely strolls was perfect.

Jacob has started taking his first solo steps, which is exciting and scary in equal measure. For someone so short, he looks a long way from the ground when he walks.

Work has been an interesting mix of divergence and convergence. We’re deploying tactical fixes whilst big picture thinking about the next quarter. Our project has taken a trip round the Hero’s journey and it’s time to strap on our brave boots and venture off into the unknown again.

Wednesday provided yet another change of pace where I donned my latest Utopia t-shirt and spent the day locked in a boardroom discussing how we’re going to bring some fluid goodness to our internal design system. Again, it was a combination of nitty-gritty details where we prototyped different base units in Figma & code, alongside broad discussions around semantic spaces and how to encourage adoption. I left with a full heart and an empty head.

In side project news, I migrated both Utopia Figma plugins over to a plugin schema and blogged about it. I also posted about reverse engineering, a subject I was thinking about when preparing my last talk. I also made some CSS tweaks to my website, widening the content width, tweaking the type scale, and re-writing the home page intro copy.

A selfie of me, Jacob and Lauren crouched/standing on a family walk in a local National Trust - we’re smiling at the camera.

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