Weeknotes #18

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This week was great and busy, but I’m not feeling overly inspired to write weeknotes. Here’s a few points:

Band practice was a lot of fun on Monday night. I still dislike singing, but it’s getting easier and hopefully a little better.

I stayed up in Birmingham for two nights this week. Difficult to know if I felt more or less tired, but certainly better than going up and down in a day twice a week. Functional hotels are pretty bleak places. I have no desire to become a businessperson who stays away a lot.

We held another two data discovery workshops. It’s amazing how much can be enlightened with a design print out and a few sharpies. Also, I got grief for bringing my own sharpie, it appears Clearleft culture has become part of me!

I had some truly wonderful and spectacular personal news, but weeknotes aren’t the place to share them 😊

After a great dev meet, I was inspired to go for another run. I didn’t realise how long it had been since the last: 55 days. That’s pretty scary how much time has passed.

Photos of the week

The 'cube' building in Birmingham, looking over the canal next to my hotel.

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