Weeknotes #14

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It’s been a much more positive week! 🎉

The two biggest differences were: not thinking about buying a house, and getting properly started on the project at work. I reckon the former gave me the headspace to achieve the latter.

I don’t really care for project setup to be honest. Configuring tooling has never been a particular passion of mine. There’s definitely a ‘decision paralysis’ part of it in not wanting to commit to a decision before the problem scope has been fully uncovered. But I do enjoy project planning and system design, so maybe it’s just the tools I dislike… Anyway, I’m a much happier bunny once coding can commence, and that happened this week!

I’ve been working on the search results section of the site, which means pulling together many strands: pattern library components, ElasticSearch, API responses, pagination, stores and local caches, filters and data transformation. The plan is all coming together, and I’m writing a lot of documentation in the form of comments to explain the whys.

On Wednesday I took a trip up to Birmingham to join the client’s team. It’s a long way to go in a day, but was definitely worth the travel.

Other activities this week included three games of squash, which I think officially makes me a bore! I also went for a drink, in a pub, with a friend, which was most out of character for me.

There was also a bit of preperation time for an internal presentation we’ll be giving on Tuesday. The slide deck is ready, just need to gather a few more thoughts together!

Photos of the week

London St. Pancras station

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