Weeknotes #1

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I’ve not blogged in weeks and that ain’t good. I’m not 100% why that is, there’s certainly a lot of life going on right now. Regardless, a little weeknotes update seems like a good catalyst.

There are big changes afoot in my career; all will be revealed in ~2 weeks, but for now as my time at daisie comes to a close, I’m working on handover, big feature groundwork and codebase tidying. It’s made for a varied week!

The big feature on the table was the beginnings of our discovery feed. Thanks to diligent component and product design, rolling it out was not as big a deal as planned. After some major modal refactoring last week, most components snapped together wonderfully, and only a smidgen of feature-specific code was needed.

We cut the first of two production releases on Tuesday, but most frontend work was behind feature flags. I’ve really liked this process, it’s brought much more confidence to the release process.

The latter part of the week at work was spent paying back technical debt. The rush to beta meant we cashed in some chips and took the hit with a few debt-y bits of code. Fortunately nothing major - it was mostly some unwieldy components that needed a good refactor.

I genuinely enjoy refactoring, I suppose much like I enjoy tidying my room. There’s something deeply satisfying about leaving a codebase better than you found it, and bringing out clarity from confusion.

There was also some fiddly bug-fixing with our chat service, but we all feel much more confident with it now - a great feeling.

JournalBook finally got an update on Tuesday. Much like this blog, updates have had to take second fiddle to life things, which is fine! But it’s certainly nice to put some time into it again. There’s some decisions about syncing to be made, and I’m still feeling uneasy about them - perhaps something to tackle this coming week.

Simon and I put some work in on atune, yet another side project that’s slowly plodding along!

The news of Hugo extended edition on Netlify has brought me great joy - I’ll aim to swap my site over from Victor Hugo shortly…

Weekend highlights included a cultured visit to the Towner gallery, constructing flat-pack furniture at my sisters’, and getting a much needed haircut!

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In closing, here’s the handsome Wilfred, dog of the office:

The very refined Wilfred, business dog

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