Weeknotes #21 - Trip to Barry

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Day 1

The cirle line to Paddington Heathrow Express at Paddington Trains up to the buffers The beautiful Cardiff station Wales has some truly old school trains Brains Brewery tower Arriving at Barry station The outside of Barry station An old brass rubbing at my grandparents house Long exposures at the waterfront, Barry

Day 2

Barry Docks, now covered in houusing Some lovely stones outside the hotel Sun-kissed ripples on the water Waves bobbing along A singular lamp sits on an outcrop in the docks Walking the dog in the early morning sun The sunrise Another sunrise! The sea, a few hours later A panorama of the sea The sunsetting over the hotel stones

Day 3

The sun rising on the third day of the trip Reflections of the new houses in the puddles Walking to the seafront Barry funfair The 'Wild Mouse' ride at the funfair The freshly raked beach sand One of the two roman-esque buildings, housing fish n' chips, mostly Looking back along the promenade Long, lush shadows of the roman columns Two horses heading out to the sea The sun rising over the headland Unspoilt beach Looking back up to bay one from the beach The waves lapping in, or out - I'm not good with tides More waves The headland, peppered with dog walkers Two horses galloping along the sand A row of amusment arcades in the morning sun Barry station A selfie in a conic mirror at Barry station

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