Moving on

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Today I leave Tomango.

After six years, I’m moving on from the agency where I kicked off my career. I’ve learned all I know about web development in this time. But it’s the right time to move onwards and upwards.

A huge thank you to Mark for supporting, encouraging and believing in me.

Thanks to Mike for creating such amazing and interesting design work. It’s been such a pleasure to work on them with you.

Thanks to Simon for your incredible mentoring, support and sage advice - it’s seriously appreciated!

Thanks to Tom & Liam for your friendship, laughs and sass.

Thanks to Steve, Elliot & Kieran for all your help and amazing skills!

Thanks to Alex, Tim and the rest of the Slack gang for keeping me sane these past few years!

Thanks to my parents and siblings for their ever-attentive ears when I’ve rambled on about code and careers at you!

On Monday I start at Daisie. I’m so, so excited to get my teeth into this new challenge and help build an amazing project. It’s a huge gear-change for me. From a 15-minute drive and a rural agency, to a commute to the big smoke to build a product at a startup!

The time is right to be shaken out of my comfort zone - I can’t wait!

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