A year at Motorway

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Just a quick post to mark a year at Motorway. You never quite know what you’re going to get joining a company, but this has been one of the best teams I’ve worked for. The problems are interesting, the pace of work is just right, the leadership are present and open, and the work/life balance is absolutely spot-on.

Slack, or the channels I’m in, are silent overnight/on the weekend unless a server has caught fire or something. I can shut my laptop and move into the 5-9 knowing I won’t be badgered or pressured into working late/replying to managers outside of hours.

The once-a-week commute has been a godsend for Utopia progress, along with a couple of other side-projects. My colleagues are very smart, genuine, and spur me on to do better work.

I realise as I type that this just sounds like a paid ad, but I’m really just grateful. We made the decision to make this move as a family, for the family, and it’s really paid off. Sometimes it’s nice to celebrate that.

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